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Canoe Kayak Routes: the Warta River in Gorz๓w Wlkp., Lubuskie, Poland

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Canoeing and kayaking on the River Warta though the provinces on Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie in the west of Poland.

Canoe / Kayak Hire / Rental Prices:

Open Canadian Canoe (to seat up to three persons): € 50.00 (euros) per day.

Open Canoe (to seat up to two paddlers): € 30.00 (euros) per day.

Touring Kayak: € 30.00 per day

Canoe/kayak hire fees include wooden canoe paddles or composite kayak paddles and buoyancy aids.

Water-resistant Barrel for kit: € 5.00 per barrel per day.

Tent (2-person): € 5.00 per day.

Stove with fuel, kettle & cooking pot: € 5.00 per day.

Other items, please ask for a quote.

When booking please bear in mind that camping equipment will not fit easily into a kayak, and, for this reason, it is recommended that you include at least one open canoe in your party.

We have a private car-park close to the river where you may leave your vehicle while on your trip. Transport from and to the river from our car parking area is included in the cost of the hire. For paddlers without their own transport we can meet you at a convenient train station or airport and drive you to wherever you wish to start your journey on the River. 

A River Warta information pack containing: a map of the river, description of the river with potential difficulties and points of interest described, and useful phone numbers will be given to you at the start of your trip. An English-speaking guide to paddle with you is also available for those looking for a guided trip down the Warta.

Unless you are an experienced canoeist, we recommend you don't plan to paddle more than 15 kilometres per day.


The Warta (German: Warthe) is a river in western-central Poland, and is a tributary of the Oder / Odra river. With a length of approximately 808 kilometers the Warta is Poland's third longest river. The Warta has a basin area of 54,529 square kilometers. It is connected to the Vistula by the river Noteć and the Bydgoszcz Canal (Kanał Bydgoski) near Bydgoszcz.

Probably the best part of the River Warta to canoe and kayak is the scenic and rural stretch between Miedzychod and Gorzow. On a multi-day canoe camping trip it is also quite possible to combine a paddle on the River Obra from close to Miedzyrzecz to Skwierzyna where the Obra joins the River Warta and from there paddle on towards Santok and the River Odra/Oder on the Polish / German border.