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German canoe camping expedition down the River Obra in Poland

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Lucinda Manouch

Canoe Kayak Poland 2007

Photographs of a solo three day canoeing and kayaking expedition down the River Obra in Lubuskie, western Poland. The trip was made by Lucinda Manouch in a Polish open canoe in the summer of 2007. All the photographs of her trip were taken by Lucinda and a full report and pictures will soon appear in Canoe and Kayak magazine.

Lucinda aand brand new open canoe about to start their canoe exped in policko

The unique 19th century mill on the lake at Bledzew

harmless water snake looking for frogs to eat

Open canadian canoe expedition on the river obra

portage at the dam on the lake at bledzew

a challenge to a solo canoeist - an old wooden bridge over the river obra

Lucinda in an open canoe on one of the lakes along the river Obra

Hire canoes and kayaks for a paddle, trip or wilderness canoe camping expedition down the unspoilt, natural, River Obra in Poland.

wild camping in a tent in a quiet spot beside the river

frog on lily pad


canoeing the tricky final section of the river

Camp dinner - baked beans, sausages, mashed potato

sunset over a Lubuskie lake during the open canoe adventure