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German canoe camping expedition down the River Obra in Poland

Canoe Kayak - River Obra


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Some photographs of the beautiful River Obra in Lubuskie, western Poland. The River is a grade 1 paddle, which can be canoed or kayaked for around 165 kilometres. The rapid-free Obra river takes paddlers through unspoilt countryside and forest wilderness teaming with interesting flora and fauna. Through picturesque and crystal clear lakes perfect for swimming and fishing. Before ending where the River Obra meets the River Warta in Skwierzyna, western Poland. Hire canoes and kayaks for a trip on the River Obra.

Obar river bridge and road sign deep in the forest

old railway bridge over the river Obra

A sandy Picnic spot and rest area alongside the river Obra

canadian canoe on Obra

kayaks on the river Obra

Canoe Kayak Poland 2007

Open canoe expedition on Obra River

picture of the river obra

Female canoeist in an open canoe on the Obra River


open canoe on the river Obra near Trzciel

Preparing for a canoe camping expedition