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Canoe transport - Land Rover and Renault Kangoo!

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This page includes our own canoe and kayak photo galleries and galleries created by visitors to our site. You can create your own online paddling photo album simply by sending us your jpg files and any text you want added. We'll also send anyone with at least one picture on our website a unique and completely FREE Canoe Kayak Poland sticker. Canoe Kayak Poland - the place for canoeing and kayaking photographs, pictures and stories. 
  • Canoe and kayak trip - A German four day canoe camping expedition down the River Obra in Poland.
  • The River Obra - some pictures of the Obra river and tranquil unspoilt scenery along its banks.
  • Solo Paddle down the Obra - photographs of British canoeist Lucinda Manouch's solo canoe camping expedition down the more difficult section of the Obra from Policko to Skwierzyna.
  • Canoe Camping - pictures of a three day paddle down the River Obra in two Canadian canoes.
  • Deliverance - images and promotional material for the classic canoe adventure movie


youngsters enjoying spring kayaking, poland, europe
Kayaks on the River Warta in the spring of 2007


Definition of canoe: a canoe is a small narrow boat, typically human-powered, but also commonly sailed. Canoes usually are pointed at both bow and stern and are normally open on top, but can be covered. In its human-powered form, the canoe is propelled by the use of paddles, with the number of paddlers depending on the size of the canoe (most commonly two). Paddlers face in the direction of travel, either seated on supports in the hull, or kneeling directly upon the hull. In this way paddling a canoe can be contrasted with rowing, where the rowers face away from the direction of travel. Paddles may be single-bladed or double-bladed.

paddlers in Canadian open canoes on a Polish river
German paddlers in open canoes on the River Obra, Poland