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Canoe Kayak Poland 2007

Canoeing and kayaking on the wonderful River Obra in western Poland.

Canoe Kayak Poland provide an open canoe, touring kayak and kayak hire and outfitting service for the River Obra in the heavily forested region of Lubuskie in western Poland. We will drop off canoes and collect them from the location of your choice anywhere along the course of the picturesque River Obra. 

The River Obra offers 165 kilometres of canoe touring, mostly on grade I water. The river is perfect for beginners, families, groups and for the most advanced of paddlers. Different stretches offering something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful day on the river with a waterside picnic, or spend a weekend or holiday exploring an area 'off the beaten track' wild-camping beside the river; or  paddling between campsites and B&B guest houses. Canoe or kayak touring the Obra offers a peaceful and environmentally friendly way to travel and see the beautiful and little visited west of Poland.

Canoe the unspoilt and clean waters of the Obra River with Canoe Kayak Poland. Relax and enjoy almost 165 kilometres of rapid-free river and picturesque lakes. Gentle currents will carry you effortlessly through scenic woodland teeming with wildlife. Quiet solitude provides a refuge for Beaver, Mink, River Otter, Deer, Wild Boat and more. Share the river with Kingfishers, Herons, Ducks, Geese, and Swans. Hear the birdsong of woodpeckers, storks, corncrakes and numerous seldom seen birds as you paddle along. Picnic among delicious wild mushrooms and enjoy the unique bouquets of wildflower shaded by oaks, beeches and pines.

Types of craft available for hire / rental:

Open-cockpit Touring Kayaks  - This type of kayak is used for touring. No capsize drill is needed, as in the event of a capsize you will fall safely out of the kayak. These are ideal for those who want to be on the water, not in it.

Open CanoesThe open canoe is also ideal for those who want to stay dry, but in many ways it is a more versatile craft. With its large carrying capacity this is the craft for exploring well off the beaten track, or for family picnics.

Sit-on-top Kayaks -  Virtually unsinkable, easy to paddle and handle, kayaks. Ideally suited to the wilder sections of the River Obra.

Touring Kayaks -  open cockpit twin-seater touring kayaks.

Camping - If you want to undertake an extended canoe camping tour / expedition, we can supply your canoe with tent, stove/fuel, cooking utensils, and waterproof containers to pack it all in.

Picture Galleries featuring the River Obra:

The River Obra - some pictures of the Obra river and scenery along its banks.

Solo Paddle down the Obra - photographs of British canoeist Lucinda Manouch's solo paddle along the Obra from Policko to Skwierzyna.

Canoe and kayak trip - images taken at the start of a four day canoe camping expedition made by six German students down the Obra from Trzciel to Bledzew.



Swans on the River Obra near Miedzyrzecz
A family of Swans on the River Obra, Lubuskie, western Poland

Canoe / Kayak Hire / Rental Prices:

Open Canadian Canoe (to seat two persons): 50.00 (euros) per day.

Open Canoe (to seat one to two paddlers): 30.00 (euros) per day.

Touring Kayak: 30.00 per day

Sit-on-top Kayak: 30.00 per day

Canoe/kayak hire fees include wooden canoe paddles or composite kayak paddles and buoyancy aids.

Water-resistant Barrel for kit: 5.00 per barrel per day.

Tent (2-person): 5.00 per day.

Stove with fuel, kettle & cooking pot: 5.00 per day.

Other items, please ask for a quote.

When booking please bear in mind that  camping equipment will not fit easily into a kayak, and, for this reason, it is recommended that you include at least one open canoe in your party.

We have a private car-park close to the river where you may leave your vehicle. Transport from and to the river form our car parking area is included in the cost of the hire. For paddlers without their own transport we can meet you at the train station or airport and drive you to wherever you wish to start your journey on the River. 

A River Obra information pack containing: a map of the river, description of the river with potential difficulties and points of interest described, and useful phone numbers will be given to you at the start of your trip. An English-speaking guide to paddle with you is also available for those who feel the less adventurous.

Unless you are an experienced canoeist, we recommend that you do not attempt to paddle more than 15-20 kilometres per day.

family fun in open canoes on the river Obra, near Bledzew, western poland
Open Canoe expedition on the River Obra, Lubuskie, Poland