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Canoe transport - Land Rover and Renault Kangoo!

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A free and absolutely unique Canoe Kayak Poland sticker to anyone with a personal picture gallery on our website! To claim your free sticker just send us at least one canoe or kayak related jpg image and some text, and we'll post you a free Canoe and Kayak sticker. You'll also then have your own permanent webpage, with its own unique address, on our site, which you can update at any time, by sending in new images or text. Please also feel free to contact us in connection with anything to do with canoeing and kayaking in Poland.

Pddlers taking a break afetr a day's paddling on one of many great canoe and kayak rivers in Poland.
English paddlers taking a break from a river in Western Poland

paddlers in Canadian open canoes on a Polish river
German paddlers in open canoes on the River Obra, Poland