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The canoe adventure film: 'Deliverance'.

Deliverance, the movie based on the book by James Dickey, is the ultimate canoe adventure movie. In the film, four middle class friends decide to take a canoe trip through the wilderness along the picturesque, Cahulawasse River. After arranging for their cars to be driven downstream by a couple of local hillbillys, the canoe friends unload their two open canoes and take to the water. After experiencing their first stretch of river the group begin to see what Lewis finds so exhilarating about wilderness trips and are glad that they agreed to go along for the long-weekend canoe trip instead of playing golf.

The canoe trip is a journey of self discovery, an escape from the mundane and banal lives they lead in the city.  They are in awe of the wonder of nature. The river, the whitewater rapids, the dense forests surrounding them and the fantastic scenery and the pure exhilaration they feel being in the middle of it all and at one with nature. Unfortunately for the canoeists the little weekend trip takes the men through the heart of hillbilly / redneck country and the adventurers find themselves face to face with a hidden, primitive bloodlust and become swept up into a savage, unrelenting journey into the untamed heart of the American wilderness.

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Classic lines and quotes from the movie Deliverance:

"Me and my buddy here are taking a canoe trip down the Cahulawassee.
What the hell you wanna go mess around that river for?
Because it's there.
It's there alright and you get in it and can't git out, you gonna wish it wasn't."

"Sometimes you have to lose yourself 'fore you can find anything."

"Why do you go on these trips with me?"

"I've never been insured in my life. I don't believe in insurance."

"I got eaten alive last night. My bites have got bites."


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"I had my first wet dream in a sleeping bag."

"Are there any hillbillies out here any more, Lewis?
Yah, there, there's some people up there that ain't never seen a town before."

"Look, what is it that you require of us? What we, uh, "re-quire" is that you get your goddamn asses up in them woods."

"I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeeee!"

"Looks like we got us a sow here instead of a boar."

"Hey, what happens if we flip this thing over?
Now that you brought that up, hang onto your paddle. And if you hit any rocks, don't hit 'em with your head."

"Which way we goin', then?
Well, downstream would be a good idea."

"I'm a-goin' with you, Ed, and not with Mister Lewis Medlock, 'cause I done seen how he drives these country roads he don't know nothin' about."