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German canoe camping expedition down the River Obra in Poland

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Photographs of a three day canoe camping expedition down the River Obra in Lubuskie, western Poland. The trip was made by a family from England in August 2007. They paddled two Polish-built Canadian Open Canoes and wild camped along the river each night. An account of their canoe camping adventure from Trzciel to Święty Wojciech in Poland will follow soon.

Nicola paddling an open canoe on the river Obra

Simon and James McMullon wild camping beside the river

canoe at rest

tress ahead on the water

James paddling a canadian canoe solo

three day open canoe adventure expedition expedition in eastern europe

fishing the river

paddling the river obra

water lilly flower on river obra


negotiating a tricky section of the river

canoeing poland

James jumping into one of the lakes in Lubniewice

Canoe Kayak Poland 2007