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Recommended Canoe and Kayak Links

Here are some of our favourite canoe and kayak links. Do let us know if you know of any other canoeing and kayaking links or would like to exchange links.

Canoe and Kayak Poland

General Canoe and Kayak websites:

British Canoe Union

Canadian Canoe Museum

Canoe and Kayak Magazine

Canoeing and Kayaking Online

Canoeing Online

Canoe Wales

Irish Canoe Union

Norge Padleforbund (Norway)

Scottish Canoe Association

Canoe makers:

Gatz Kanu

Heritage Canoes

Kruger Canoes

Mad River Canoes

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks

Rotomod Canoes

Canoe and Kayak Outfitters Worldwide:

Adventure Poland

Canoe Frontier

Frontonec Outfitters

Leam Boat Centre

Project Canoe

Timberwolf Adventure Tours

Wilds of Manitoba

Personal sites about Canoes and Kayaks:

Adventures of a Geo-Geek

JoJaffa Goes Canoeing

More Canoeing and Kayaking Links:

Canoe-Camping Club

Canoe Stories

Kermits Adventures

Open Canoe Association

Open Canoe Group

Paddle Canada

Paddling Net

Solo Tripping

Song of the Paddle

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